Strong Point XT1031WV WAR Coated # 10 x 3-1/2 Inch Star Drive Flat Head Screws w/Nibs, Type 17 Pt 250 Qty 5YTX10312

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SKU: WH-Strong Point-XT1031WV-250

WH-Strong Point-XT1031WV-250
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WH-Strong Point-XT1031WV-250

WAR Coated #10 x 3-1/2" Star Drive Flat Head screws w/Nibs, Type 17 Pt 5lb Box (250 QTY)

These 3 1/2" length #T25 Star drive Flat Head WAR COATED Type '17' point screws are #10 diameter COARSE THREAD. W.A.R. Coating is defined as Weather ACQ treated Resistant. Designed to work with ACQ Treated lumber W.A.R. coating is a high-grade metal surface processing technology that prevents corrosion. The coating system consists of three layers; a metallic zinc layer, a hex-chromium or trivalent chromium passivation, and a high-grade anti-corrosion chemical conversion film. Rated at 1,000/hrs salt spray. Ideal for outdoor applications including decks, ACQ treated wood, patios, and fencing applications that require corrosion resistance. FLAT HEAD with countersinking NIBS create a smooth flush finish. STAR DRIVE prevents camout and stripping for the best driveability available. Increased diameter makes for superior holding and greater pull out values. Type 17 point (also known as Auger Point) is a thread cutting screw for wood with a coarse tapping screw thread and a special long sharp point fluted to capture chips which provides no predrilling and reduces wood splitting.

Each JobPak contains approximately 250 screws. Includes 1 Free T25 Star Drive bit.

Applications Include:
Attaching ACQ treated lumber, decking, fence pickets, patios, and any wood to wood outdoor construction applications.

Compare to Big Timber YTX10312

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