Simpson Strong-Tie RCA-C223/97-R90 CFS Concrete Clip 2x2x3 12ga 90 Pk



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The RCA-C is an ideal solution for attaching stud framing to concrete supports. This connector provides the most anchor options for attaching to concrete compared to other similar connectors on the market. The connector’s design includes holes for a 1/2"-diameter anchor, or two 1/4"-diameter concrete screws, accompanied by a wide array of fastening options — thus saving the installer the time and cost of drilling connector holes at the jobsite. In addition, the RCA connectors have been rigorously tested and load rated, giving you the confidence of quality and performance for your job.

Key Features

  • 2" x 2" legs provide plenty of room to make attachments to structure and stud framing.
  • Multiple screw pattern options to stud framing for different load rating.
  • Can be used as either a heavy-duty shear and tension connector or light-duty moment connection.
  • Prepunched holes for screws to stud framing and attachment to concrete. Prepunched holes on anchor leg provide options for (1) 1/2"-diameter anchor, (2) 1/4"-diameter anchors, or (2) 1/4"-diameter concrete screws.
  • Attachment to concrete or masonry can be achieved with 1/2"-diameter Titen HD®, 1/2"-diameter Strong-Bolt® 2, 1/4"-diameter Titen HD, or 1/4"-diameter Titen Turbo.


  • RCA-C — 97 mil (12 ga.), 50 ksi


  • Galvanized (G90)


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