Simpson Strong-Tie GTS4-5075-R200 1/4 Thrd 1/2 Length Thrd 3/4 Length Shank 6 Pk



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The GTS is a gas-actuated 1/4" threaded stud designed to fasten both permanent and temporary building components to concrete, with the ability to easily remove the attachments. The versatile GTS consists of a 1/2" x 1/4-20-threaded stud and a 3/4" x 0.127"-diameter smooth shank. The GTS is for high-volume applications and can be used with common powder-actuated tools for fastening into harder substrates (structural steel or extra-hard concrete) when required.

  • The minimum effective shank length must equal or exceed the sum of the thickness of the attached material and the minimum embedment depth
  • Designed for use with Simpson Strong-Tie® GCN-MEP tools and compatible with many other concrete nailers and PAT equipment
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